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IntrudaGuard® security screens protect your home from intruders, while also complementing the look and feel of your home. They’re cost-effective, without compromising quality. Plus, they’re Australian made for tough Aussie conditions.

The screens are intruder resistant and able to withstand heavy impact, while the perforated aluminium screen boasts a class-topping 125° viewing angle, ensuring your view through the screen is not obstructed.

All IntrudaGuard® security screens can be equipped with ‘triple lock’ locking systems, which with one flick activate three locking points for superior protection. They’re also corrosion resistant and WERS tested and rated to keep the summer heat and UV light out during heat waves.

Hinged Doors

An IntrudaGuard® hinged security door is the strong, stylish and affordable security screen solution for your home. IntrudaGuard® hinged security doors are highly resistant to forced entry attempts and are rigorously tested against a wide range of attacks. Made from specially tempered marine grade aluminium with a distinguished perforated design, they are assembled using a unique bonding process that eliminates the need for any unsightly fixings.

Sliding Screens

IntrudaGuard® sliding security doors provide all the benefits of our hinged security doors, with the added space-saving and style features of a sliding door.

They’re also ideal for cooling your home in summer, allowing for better home ventilation and airflow. This can help to reduce your air-con usage, energy bill and carbon footprint.

Window Screens

A high number of victims (60%) in the ABS research cited a door or window had been damaged or tampered with in attempted break-ins, so it pays to invest in strengthening these defences. With the appearance of a fly screen but the strength of a security screen, you can stop intruders in their tracks with an IntrudaGuard® window security screen.

IntrudaGuard® Hinged door

IntrudaGuard® Sliding door

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ by Door City offers the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home allowing you to enjoy the clear and unobstructed views of the outdoors.

The strength and durability of SupaScreen™ security doors and window screens offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and home are secure.

Made from high tensile, 316 marine grade stainless steel that is woven into a fine mesh, SupaScreen™  is the very latest innovation in security products technology. It maximises strength and durability, whilst providing a welcoming entrance to your home.

SupaScreen™ is retained using a unique patented pressure process that eliminates the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap ins, Insuring. That no dissimilar metal surfaces come into contact with each other, minimising the possibility of corrosion.

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Bi-Folding door

The Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Bi-Folding door is a revolutionary new product capable of screening large openings whilst maintaining your view and enhancing today’s lifestyle of in-home alfresco dining. Securing the inside of your home is now a breeze with virtually unobstructed views and an area free of insects.

Compromises between large openings and security ends now as this system can be retrofitted to existing folding doors or installed as a standalone security door or patio enclosure. It incorporates a patented stainless steel mesh system and a new heavy duty security frame for improved strength. The multiple panel system can be configured to open in or out, and panels can be stacked side-by-side when open.

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Door

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Stainless steel mesh security hinged and sliding doors offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views. It’s strength and durability also offers the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure.

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Sliding Door

Amplimesh® sliding security doors are designed to maximise your usable space. Stainless steel security sliding doors are perfectly suited to protect wider openings like outdoor entertainment areas and backyard patios.

Constructed using a patented process, eliminating the need for unsightly screws and rivets, SupaScreen® sliding screen doors are an elegant solution to match your lifestyle.

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Grille

Amplimesh SupaScreen™ Stainless steel mesh security Grilles offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views. It’s strength and durability also offers the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure.

Amplimesh SupaScreen™

Amplimesh SupaScreen™