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Solid Timber Stacker Doors

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Stacker doors are a great alternative to bi-folding doors; they are great for areas where space is an issue as the doors stack on top of each other, ensuring that they don’t encroach on space. Our stacking doors also involve less moving parts than most standard bi-folding doors, which in most cases makes them cheaper and easier to install.

Like our whole range of doors, our stacker doors are made of solid maple timber. They come with stainless steel wheels and brass tracks – this makes them more durable than any sliding door that has plastic wheels. Plastic wheels can be unreliable because if they sit in one spot for too long, the weight of the door (as well as heat) can flatten the wheel making them unable to roll correctly. Stainless steel wheels don’t have this problem, and the addition of the brass tracks means that even if the door sits somewhere that is not completely level, the wheels will still perform optimally.

To see our full range of stacker timber doors, drop into one of our three Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast showrooms and talk to our friendly staff. We carry a huge range of standard sizes and can also create stacker doors to custom dimensions.

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  • All of our Stacker Door units are constructed of solid maple timber.
  • 2100mm frame height standard for each orientation below.

2 Door Stacker

  • Suitable for openings between 1100mm and 2400mm wide.
  • 1 Fixed glass door, 1 sliding glass door.

2 Door Stacker

3 Door Stacker

  • Suitable for openings between 2200mm and 3400mm wide
  • 1 Fixed glass door, 2 sliding glass doors
  • Sliding doors stack on top of fixed glass door when opened

3 Door Stacker

4 Door Stacker

  • Suitable for openings between 3100mm and 4700mm wide
  • 1 Fixed glass door, 3 sliding glass doors
  • All three sliding doors stack on top of fixed door when opened.

4 Door Stacker

4 Door Stacker – 1 Each way

  • Suitable for openings between 3200mm and 4800mm wide
  • 2 Fixed glass doors and 2 sliding glass doors
  • Central sliding doors slide towards outside of frame and stack on top of fixed doors

4 Doors stacker each way

The above orientations and sizes are based off of our in stock standard door sizes. Systems with custom sized doors also available.